Letters to the Editor - May


​The Editor:

Thank you, Point Roberts! Thank you for the beauty and abundance of your land, the forests, beaches, and gardens. Thank you to the fascinating, kind, and caring people who live here for your friendship and support.

I am blessed to have lived in this magical place for the past quarter century. I have loved being one of your community librarians. Thank you for the chance to work in such a beautiful library building. But life changes and we change with it.

This summer, George Wright and I will be moving to southeastern Virginia to live closer to family. My last day at the library will be Saturday, June 29. Thank you, Point Roberts, for all the wonderful memories I will carry forward.

Rose Momsen

Point Roberts

The Editor:

The Point Roberts Historical Society would like to congratulate Trinity Lutheran Church for its designation on the Washington Heritage Register.

It’s fitting that the first site in Point Roberts to make the state heritage register is one of just a few century-old buildings in the exclave.

We salute Trinity Lutheran Church for its role in the lives of generations of people on the Point, from Icelandic settlers to today’s residents.

Congratulations on being a constant presence in the lives of the community.

The Point Roberts Historical

Society Board

Point Roberts

The Editor:

If one doubts the power and reach of local, independent journalism, look no further than The Northern Light.

On April 21, the Mount Baker Foundation (MBF) hosted a ‘Share Your Spare’ living kidney donation information luncheon. A Blaine resident whose niece, living in Ohio, needs a kidney transplant read about the event in this publication. (April 11-17, Dr. William Lombard, “Make the Unfathomable a Reality: Eliminate the Kidney Transplant Waitlist”).

Previously in September 2023, Dr. Lombard’s “moonshot” essay to eliminate the kidney transplant waitlist in Whatcom County was featured in The Northern Light. That article, amazingly, caught the attention of Atul Agnihotri, founding CEO of the organization, Kidneys for Communities (bit.ly/3UvNZVz).

Agnihotri lives in Ohio and traveled to Whatcom County for the MBF event. He and the Blaine resident connected. Her niece’s chances of finding a match for a living kidney donor may have increased exponentially because of the serendipitous encounter.

Thank you to The Northern Light. You inform us. You unite us. Local journalism has the power to ignite us to action.

Micki Jackson


(The Northern Light is a sister publication of the All Point Bulletin and published by Point Roberts Press, Inc.)


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