Obituary – Tom Gillespie


Tom Gillespie

1952 – 2022

Tom Gillespie (a devoted Seahawk who counted the days to football (next season!) passed away peacefully at home of coronary heart disease complications, some time after the Super Bowl.

This July was to be his 45th reunion as the first adult male bone marrow transplant survivor of AML (Leukemia) at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. As he said, “I was the human experiment between the monkeys above and the dogs on the floor below. The guys in white from Hanford gave me treatment in the radiation room I built.”

His 70th birthday and our 32nd anniversary was in January. Known as everyone’s favorite uncle and their parent’s worst nightmare, the biggest kid in any neighborhood shared his candy selection with kids of all ages.

An open house (1-4 p.m.) wake  in Tsawwassen is planned for March 5.

To accommodate all interested participants and cross border Covid restrictions,  technical alternatives are being investigated as well as a Point Roberts location.

Please contact or 360/945-1067 for further details.