Restrictions eased on food imports


Travelers entering the U.S. using land border crossings are now able to bring in previously prohibited food items. Travelers are able to bring back up to 50 pounds of meat (total) of the following types of fresh (chilled or frozen), cooked, cured or dried meats from Canada: beef, bison, veal, sheep (lamb, mutton), goat, swine and camelid. Travelers can also bring in personal-use amounts of foods containing beef, veal or bison.  Personal use amounts of corvid meat (for example, deer, elk, moose or caribou) is allowed if the traveler is able to present evidence that the meat is cervid origin such as a valid hunting license or commercially prepared labels.

Travelers are able to bring back personal-use amounts of poultry from Canada: however, it is a good idea to check the USDA’s temporary restrictions page to make sure things haven’t changed.

Travelers are also able to bring in eggs or egg products from Canada. There are certain rules and guidelines regarding pet food; for example, the items must be in unopened retail packaging and is limited to 50 lbs.

Remember to declare all food items when crossing the border; failure to do so can result in fines or loss of trusted traveler status. As they say, know before you go.


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