Water district comprehensive plan update nears finish line


The water district’s comprehensive plan is approaching the finish line, according to soon-to-be departing manager Dan Bourks. He told district commissioners at their regular monthly meeting on January 9 that the remaining chapters were ready for review and approval. “It’s going well,” Bourks said.

Water districts in Washington state are required to periodically update their comp plans on up to a 10-year schedule, depending on the district. The goal of a comp plan update is to plan for new and/or replacement infrastructure, population trends, new state requirements and more.

The district began planning for the update beginning in 2022 and so far costs have totaled around $150,000 for a process expected to cost $186,000 by the time it’s said and done.

Back in September, Bourks had reminded commissioners that while water rates had been set through 2024, the district anticipated increasing the general facilities charge (GFC) following adoption of the comp plan. Users connecting to the water system for the first time, either residential or commercial, are expected to pay their share of the installed infrastructure. GFCs are the vehicle by which those costs are recovered.

“My biggest concern once the comp plan is done is addressing the infrastructure before things start popping,” said commission chair Scott Hackleman. “I’m with you on that,” replied assistant manager Wes Hubbard who is slated to be appointed district manager on January 30 due to Bourks’ retirement.

In other news, the commission elected officers to the same positions as in 2023. Hackelman will continue to be chair, Madeleine Anderson secretary and Arthur Reber, commissioner.

The commission meets the second Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m. at water district offices on Benson Road next to the fire hall.


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