Who’s that man in the ranger hat?


You might have caught a glimpse of him cruising along Maple Beach in the white Whatcom County parks department truck, clearing trails at Lily Point, offering friendly reminders to keep dogs leashed at Monument Park, or clearing the boat ramp at Lighthouse Marine Park. But who exactly is the friendly face under the ranger’s hat? He is Iver Jackson,  local park ranger, who has been making Point Roberts county parks more accessible and enjoyable for everyone over the past year. 

Jackson grew up on the Point and is a recent graduate of Western Washington University where he majored in marketing and business sustainability. He began working for the county parks department as a seasonal employee five years ago, and through dedication and experience, he earned the position of park ranger last summer. “I grew up coming to the park and I want everyone to be happy here,” Jackson said. He is committed to ensuring that everyone who visits the parks experiences the same wonder and happiness that he has cherished throughout his life.  

Jackson is a nature enthusiast. Lily Point is his favorite park, where he enjoys watching the many eagles that roost there. He also relishes spotting orcas and porpoises at Lighthouse Marine Park and can most often be found there working in the campground or in his office.  

Jackson’s calendar follows the rhythm of the seasons. Summers are dedicated to tending to the campground, while the shoulder seasons call for trail maintenance. In the winter, he delves into project-based work, and this year he will be replacing fire rings in the campground. 

Navigating the seasonal nature of the job presents challenges when it comes to staffing. Each summer, the park looks to hire two full-time seasonal assistants. While Jackson had the fortune of having an assistant last year, this year the positions have both remained unfilled. The Whatcom County Parks District occasionally sends help from Bellingham. Throughout it all, Jackson’s positive attitude prevails, and he remains undaunted by the workload.  

In his downtime, Jackson keeps busy playing sports. Whether it’s baseball or roller hockey in Canada, or hockey with friends in Bellingham, he embraces the thrill of competition and the joy of camaraderie. 

The next time you encounter the white Whatcom County parks truck on the roads, or see Iver Jackson wearing his ranger’s attire, remember that behind the scenes is a local hero who strives to preserve and share the natural beauty of Point Roberts with everyone. 


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