People of the Point
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People of the Point – Kathleen McInnes

“Come forth into the light of things, Let Nature be your teacher.” Much of William Wordsworth’s poetry reveals his deep wonder at the world of nature. His conviction was that a … more

People of the Point – Rose Hawayek

In the Covid-19 silver linings category, meet Rose Hawayek, whose path to Point Roberts was paved in part by the pandemic. In 2020, when Covid-19 restrictions caused the closure of her successful San … more

People of the Point – Catherine Stewart

Among the bright promises of spring are flowers. Snowdrops, with their shyly dropping heads, have had their day and soon will come the flashy stars of April tulips. For Catherine Stewart, spring … more

People of the Point – Ollie Otter Bakery

It’s Saturday morning at the Point Roberts Community Center, and a knot of people gather around the corner booth at Your Local Small Market. Ollie Otter Bakery is offering a selection of … more

People of the Point

Rena Andreoli With the launch of her signature business, “rena bella beauty,” Point Roberts resident Rena Andreoli is fulfilling a lifelong dream. And her line of nourishing oils is … more

People of the Point: Chwynyn Vaughan

Chwynyn Vaughan’s Garden Stand, located on Culp Court in Point Roberts, is the culmination of her holistic approach to life; a blending of her love of sustainability, organic goodness, natural … more

People of the Point: Breeda and Mike

Joining a welcome group of newcomers, Breeda Desmond and Mike Bell find life in Point Roberts is “even better than we could have believed.” And they didn’t find us online. Their … more

People of the Point

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.      The year 2021 marks 20 years of life in Point … more

People of the Point

[caption id="attachment_16849" align="aligncenter" width="480"] A new generation takes over at South Beach House. At top, Mark Holub and Tennessee Briand; bottom, Diana and Max Briand holding the … more

People of the Point – Mark Stowe

Mark Stowe. By Margot Griffiths Point Roberts resident Mark Stowe is an attorney with a wide-ranging practice. While he has clients in Seattle, Bellingham, Point Roberts and Canada, Mark says his … more

People of the Point: Alex Peltier

Alex Peltier in competition. Courtesy photos By Margot Griffiths With roots in Point Roberts seven generations deep, Alex Peltier is unique to our community. It was in the mid-19th century that her … more

People of the Point: Gaspar Schulek

By Margot Griffiths After a career spanning half a century and half the globe, Gaspar Schulek chose the quiet beauty of Point Roberts after retiring in 1998. His … more

People of the Point: Jeff Butts

By Margot Griffiths Point Roberts’ resident eagle expert, Jeff Butts, has long been fascinated by the magnificent birds that nest in our forests and fish off our … more

People of the Point

By Margot Griffiths Laura Carson is a promising young jockey on an international racing circuit. At 24, she has ridden, and won, some prestigious races and it all … more