Fun things you never knew about Point Roberts


Did you know that Point Roberts was named after Robert Gray, “an American explorer who was the first to sail up the Columbia River to its mouth?” Did you enjoy driving from Tsawwassen to Point Roberts on that four-lane highway and two-lane bridge? Does it bother you that the Point is a haven for businesses and individuals seeking to avoid taxes and regulations? And how about those medium rare steaks and hamburgers that you can’t find north of the border?

If you’re new to Point Roberts, there’s lots of fun things to do here. You can visit the beautiful lighthouse built in 1908 at Lighthouse Marine Park to admire the stunning views. The Blue Heron Gallery is a must-see. The Enchanted Forest Trail offers “amazing views of the surrounding mountains and water.”

A highlight for certain is climbing to the top of the monument at Monument Park for more stunning views. The best luxury hotel in Point Roberts is on Bayview Drive and offers 75 feet of private beach and a swimming pool.

These tips and more can be seen in an article dated July 20, 2022 on the Via Travelers website. Go to to learn stuff you never knew about Point Roberts.

(Warning: You will encounter plenty of fake news on that website.)


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