Letter to the community from fire chief Christopher Carleton


Hello everyone,

There have been a number of new Covid-19 cases here in our community over the last week. All parties have been notified and provided guidance to help them through any isolation requirements. We have also extended assistance to help them with any needs they may have during this time.

There seems to be some confusion regarding the vaccine and its protection surrounding the virus. The vaccine does not prevent you from acquiring the virus completely in some cases. Vaccinated individuals can still become infected and potentially spread the virus to others even though they are vaccinated. The benefits of being vaccinated are to help you not acquire or spread the virus, help an individual that does become infected with the virus not become seriously ill – experience mild symptoms compared to severe sickness, hospitalization etc. – and it may help protect people around you. Please keep in mind that underlying health conditions can compound symptoms and each individual is different.

Please continue to be considerate of others, safe and aware as we spend more time together out and about enjoying the weather with friends and family.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

Christopher Carleton, fire chief


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