Letters to the Editor – August


The Editor:

The debate over wearing masks must end. It is a matter of life and death. If you don’t like wearing a mask, you’re going to hate wearing a ventilator.

Governor Inslee has issued a statewide mask mandate. A recent report from the state Department of Health shows Covid-19 transmission rates are growing across Washington.

To stem the spread of disease and to improve economic wellbeing, research modelers say that 97 percent of people need to wear masks, physically distance, keep their hands clean and adhere to other protocols. We also need more testing, tracing and a willingness by people to stay home if they don’t feel well.

Contrary to popular assumptions, young people are now contracting the virus in greater numbers than older populations. Many of the cases in those under 40 years of age are mild, but not all. Young people die from Covid-19, too. They can suffer long term or even permanent disabilities.

A person with a severe case of Covid-19 may “recover” but end up with disabling pulmonary conditions, heart conditions, central nervous system damage, even an amputation because of blood clots associated with the illness. They can be too disabled to ever work again. Permanently disabled survivors outnumber Covid-19 fatalities about 3-to-1.

Lead by example to show you care. Please wear a face covering.

Micki Jackson



The Editor:

I would like to apologize to all the Point residents that have been, and are, putting up with the total ignorance that apparently some Canadians are showing toward them, in trying times and even good times, I find it appalling.

I am Canadian with American relatives and I see everyone as equal, no matter where they live, what color their skin might be, what political party you follow and what religion you might choose to belong to.

Having family from out of province, they have also run into this ignorance running amok and don’t even want to come visit because of these sick people. Somehow these people need to evolve and start treating everyone with respect, as it should and needs to be.

Please don’t lump all Canadians into one group, it’s not fair to the good ones and there are far more good than bad.

Rod Maksym

Delta, B.C.


The Editor:

Thank you, Bev Mar, for your very articulate and heartfelt letter to the editor. Please know that we Canadians miss our American neighbors, our cottages, the golf course, marketplace, the beaches, Ladybug Nursery, Nielson’s, Kiniski’s, South Beach House, Auntie Pam’s, Saltwater Café, the gas stations, the Saturday market and much more.

We thank you for keeping an eye on our cottages and for cutting our grass. And if the border remains shut after September, I for one would like you to pick the peaches, figs and plums in my garden and enjoy them for me. Better you than the raccoons. And please pick the black currents. This will be the first summer since 1952 that my grandmother, my mother or I have not made jam from them. It’s easy to make and so delicious.

We worry about you because we know you rely on us for revenue and to support your businesses. But hopefully by this time next year, we will once more be able to share Point Roberts with you.

Patricia Sanderson

Vancouver, B.C.


The Editor:

Partisan manipulation has to stop. The investigation of Alicia Rule because there was a political flyer around the ballot is an absolute ruse. Anyone who has a mailbox or P.O. box realizes that any delivery is often wrapped inside the largest mail piece, so that it can be delivered efficiently.

The outside “wrapper” might be an advertisement for home improvements, mattresses, weekly grocery coupons, a paid for church flyer, the voter’s pamphlet or anything else. We know that a certain group of people want to stop USPS and mail service. Their agenda is to eliminate mail-in ballots, but to use this coincidence of what was the largest foldable piece of mail used to contain the rest of the delivery on a singular day is preposterous.

This is a smear campaign against candidate Rule at the least, but usury for a specific national agenda at the worst. Come on, just because you can legally do something doesn’t mean you should. This is such obviously partisan bull.

Donna Starr



The Editor:

I am terribly saddened by any talk about denigrating anyone regardless of which side of the border you live on. It is usually the negative wheel that gets heard.

Those that are happy and love our neighbors don’t wave flags or yell from the hilltops of our love for one another. Just know there are more of us Canadians who miss the opportunity to visit the Point for more than just gasoline.

I have lived in Tsawwassen since 1965 and it was part of my backyard and I give thanks there is a border to protect Pt. Bob’s unique character and rural beauty. I come down to participate in the senior’s activities twice a week and miss those that I have connected with.

So if you run into a rude and ignorant Canadian, just smile and wave and remember they are the few and don’t deserve the air they breathe.

Dave Edey



The Editor:

Alicia Rule, currently a Blaine City Council member, is running for election to Position 1, State Legislative District 42, challenging the incumbent.

Alicia is a mom of three energetic boys, a small-business owner and the past president of the Blaine Downtown Development Association. She cares deeply about affordable housing, climate, environment, healthcare, living-wage jobs, and veterans.

She comes from a five-generation Whatcom County family, graduated from Meridian High School and earned a master’s degree in social work from the University of Washington.

She will whole-heartedly put the people first and serve us well. All you need to do is vote in both the August primary and November general elections. Urge your family and friends to exercise their great privilege and join you in voting.

Ruth Higgins



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