Letters to the Editor – July


The Editor:

We, the people of Point Roberts, Democrats, Republicans, independents and those of other political or national identity who have held space in this place called Point Roberts during the “shutdown,” we have held this land free of Covid-19. We have done it each in our own way, with differences, but we have done it. We have endured together for months.

We the people have increased our love for this peninsula– we have come to more deeply cherish its beauty, serenity, wildlife, birds and critters. We are blessed to be here. We have supported each other, received from each other in friendly waves, in food take outs, in acts of neighborliness, in words, in actions. We have, in some numbers, been tested for Covid-19 organized by our EMS/Fire department.

We have walked these streets, these paths, the beaches and breathed the air– cleaner now. We have refrained from physical hugs, so long overdue. We have Zoomed, learned new technology. We have sat across the physical border with our Canadian loved ones– grandparents, children, family, dear friends, socially distancing. We the people of this land, Point Roberts.

When the powers of our nations deem it, we will welcome Canadians to their “summer homes,” we will get our pets examined, we will enjoy the wider range of goods and services so long depended upon and missing when borders are closed. We will enjoy friends and family. You will find us shaggy but not wild.

But please know, we have watched your properties with a caring eye, we have done neighborly tending, we have honored the space here. We have not been overrun by crime. You need not fear us even as you gaze at “the Americans” on TV screens.

Though we too sometimes wonder, will “they” bunch up on the beaches? Will they meet in groups at their cottages or on walks? Will they walk by us telling stories of “the Americans” and load us all into a group moniker, ignoring “us,” our months of isolation, holding in calm and integrity this land? Will we each become “they” and not “us?”

We the people, heart-holding, know we will share with you our precious land because we are not owners of this land. We, like Chief Seattle speaking in 1855, are simply honored to enjoy and be blessed to spend our time here held in beauty, in awe, and nurtured in peace and respect. This, we share with you, and so you will become for a time, us. One of us, we the people who love here, for a time.

Bev Mar

Point Roberts


The Editor and federal and provincial ministers of environment:

Half a million western sandpipers have been observed at Roberts Bank in a single day during their migration. In addition to biofilm as a food source for western sandpipers, we also have the Corophium volutator (tiny shrimp) identified as a keystone species that must be protected to prevent collapse
of the western sandpiper population that rests and feeds in the mudflats of Roberts Bank in the Fraser River estuary.

Terminal 2 expansion will also increase man-made threats to the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales such as reduced prey and feeding opportunities, acoustic and physical disturbance, contaminants and collisions with boats. They are an endangered species vital to the health of our oceans and an invaluable part of our cultures.

The destruction of this keystone species Corophium volutator and the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales are strong key arguments for stopping the Terminal 2 expansion.

The cumulative effects and the cascading social-ecological costs and benefits of the project must be determined before any irreversible decisions are made by the federal and provincial governments. Once a species is eliminated, there is no way to restore them.

Yours for saving the keystone species Corophium volutator, western sandpipers and the endangered Killer Whales (Northeast Pacific Southern Resident population).

Jim Ronback, system safety engineer (retired)

Tsawwassen, B.C.


The Editor:

I’ve had a boat at the Point for over 20 years and happen to think quite highly of the nice American folks who live there.

Covid-19 has been tough on a lot of people, bringing out the best and worst behaviors, and I don’t think it’s good writing and editing to print the worst stuff you can dig up at a time like this.

Terry Nagy

Surrey, B.C.


The Editor:

I was appalled to read the last paragraph of the subject article. I have had a boat in the Point Roberts Marina for the past 30 years or more and I lived in Tsawwassen for half that time on Wallace Avenue. The insulting and degrading comments made in that article are untrue and totally unjustified.

I could go on further but save it to say that quoting what individuals say on any social media sites is very poor reporting and as for the person shouting obscenities from his muscle car, take it from where it comes. I am very disappointed that as editor, you would allow such slanderous and inflammatory comments be including in such an article. The fine people of Point Roberts deserve an apology from the All Point Bulletin and Pat Grubb should be reprimanded.

Keith Dickinson

Surrey, B.C.


The Editor:

A big, big thank you to all those helping us during our recent problems. Circle of Care, family, neighbors, friends, the fire department and the International Marketplace. Point Roberts is amazing with amazing people. We are so lucky to live here.

Gillian and Norm Tennock

Point Roberts


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