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Church News – January

As I am writing this, we are glued to screens that feed us images of the destruction wrought on precious communities by the weather patterns of an unsettled planet. Weeks ago, we watched images of … more

Church news – December

As I write this, the rain pours down, quite literally in buckets, and Advent creeps around the corner, coming to light up a dark and dismal season. This time of year, we return to the comforting, … more

Church news – October

We are told (1 Thess. 5:18) to “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God This has been a challenging year for our church community, having much of our congregation sort … more

Church News – September

Much has been written lately regarding the current condition of our church sanctuary building. And much more is to come, as this is a costly repair/renovation. There’s much to tell of our … more

Church News – July 2021

When I was very young, I learned a little poem, with hand gestures. It went like this:   Here is the church – hands folded, fingers interlocked, thumbs side by side Here … more

Church News – June 2021

Apocalypse. The word can strike fear in our minds. We tend to see it as a devastating event bringing an end to all that we know is real – the end of the world. However, the word actually … more

Church News – May 2021

Just over a week ago, we observed Earth Day. And just over a week from now, we will celebrate Mother’s Day. So it seems appropriate to explore our Biblical and theological call to honor our … more

Church News – April 2021

Resurrection This is the central event, and concept, in Christian theology. The events of Holy Week, leading up to Easter Morning, are the highest holy days of the Christian year. So … more

Church News

As I write this, we are just a week into Lent. Oddly, sometimes it feels like we are into our second year of Lent, as we still live with a degree of restraint and enforced quiet contemplation of some … more

Church News – February 2021

Well, if it isn’t one thing, it is another. It has been one difficult year for many people, and their churches. Our little church has had to close its doors; half of our beloved congregation … more

Church News — January 2021

On the 6th of January, most Christians will be celebrating Epiphany. For Orthodox Christians, January 6 is Christmas. It is the Sunday that acknowledges the arrival of the Wise Men at the home of … more

Church News – December 2020

This weekend we’re decorating for Christmas: Putting up and lighting a tree, hanging stockings, etc. We don’t decorate outdoors because the landlord, who lives next door, is an eccentric … more

Church News

Last month, we lost a beloved pastor, patriarch and prophet with the passing of Ernie Loreen. He was larger than life; a big man with a big presence, a big voice and a big, big love for people. … more

Church News – September

The gospel for last Sunday (Matt. 16:13-20) offered new understanding of the identity of Jesus. The story occurs outside a temple built to honor Caesar Augustus (the first of the Caesars of the Roman … more

Church News– July

We are starting to come back to life. People are out enjoying the sunshine. Restaurants are filling outdoor spaces, stores are re-opening. We still feel limitations, but our wings are drying and … more

Church News – June

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate the news, upend our lives and distract us with daily updates on numbers of cases and deaths, the consequences of re-opening perhaps too soon or too … more

Church News – May

This year we observed the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Could anyone in 1970 have imagined that despite half a century of Earth awareness, education, dedication and activism, we would stand at the … more

Church News – April

How is everyone doing? These are times that can test our resolve, our patience, our generosity, our souls. We at Trinity Church maintain our sense of community through social media, calls and cards. … more

Church news – March

By Gina Gaudet As we enter the season of Lent, let’s look again at fasting. Fasting as in deprivation, as in “giving up” something. Just what I want to think about as I finish off a … more

Church News – February

By Gina Gaudet The time of year is coming upon us when we look deeply at the self: the day-to-day self and the higher self (the “soul-self” or spiritual self). We call this time of year … more
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